Response to Cemex’s Press Statement

We were dismayed to read Cemex’s comments in today’s Southern Daily Echo.

Cemex ran a pre-application online consultation in November 2021, but since then has made no attempt to engage meaningfully with Hamble residents.  Furthermore, there is no evidence that Cemex has incorporated any of the feedback received from the online consultation in the planning application that was subsequently submitted.

From January 2022 to as recently as this week, the Parish Council has repeatedly asked Cemex to meet with the community and to answer our residents’ concerns.  On every occasion, Cemex has refused, instead offering private briefings to the Parish Council which we have declined.  There are very few instances where a multinational company proposes to move into a small community to work without being willing to engage with residents to explain the benefits of the scheme.  Their unwillingness only confirms the village’s view that despite all of the safety concerns and the devastating impact that a quarry at the heart of the village would have, there will be nothing that benefits residents, schools, local organisations and businesses.  We remain firmly opposed to the proposal and hope that the Regulatory Committee will stand up for Hamble when it is given the opportunity.