Councils & Committees

Councils & Committees

Full Council

Frequency:  second Monday of every month

Planning Committee

Responsible for:

  • Highways & infrastructure
  • Designations
  • Design/local policies
  • Enforcement
  • Applications
  • Footpaths

Frequency:  4th Monday of every month

Asset Management Committee

Responsible for:

  • Leases
  • Buildings/facilities
  • Land/estate
  • Health & safety
  • Fees & charges

Frequency:  1st Monday, every second month, at 7pm

Functions Working Group

Responsible for:

  • HR:
    • Pay and conditions
    • Disciplinary
    • Staff health and safety
    • Performance management
  • Operations
    • Co-ordinating operational issues across the Council
  • Communication

Frequency:  Monthly

Review Panel

Responsible for:

  • Complaints
  • Appeals of individual decisions
  • Staffing/disciplinary

Frequency:  As required

Footpaths Working Group

Reports to Asset Management Committee

Frequency:  Tuesday pm following Full Council meeting

Interpretation Board Task and Finish

Reports to Asset Management Committee

Frequency:  As required

Council Representations on External Bodies

Hamble Estuary Partnership:  Cllr Underdown

Hamble Village Memorial Hall:  To be confirmed

Henville Trust (Quarterly, term of 4 years):  Cllr Underdown

Police Liaison Committee:  To be confirmed

Heather Garden Working Party: Chair of AMC, 2 community representatives

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