Hamble Airfield Quarrying Application: Regulatory Committee FAQs

The date of the Regulatory Committee meeting where the Hamble Airfield (Cemex) quarrying application will be decided has now been confirmed as Wednesday 15 May 2024.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding what happens next in this process.

When and where is the Regulatory Committee meeting being held?

  • Wednesday 15 May 2024, at 10am
  • Hampshire County Council, Ashburton Hall at Elizabeth II Court, The Castle, Winchester, SO23 8UJ

What is the Regulatory Committee meeting?

  • The Regulatory Committee meeting is where Cemex’s quarrying application will either be accepted or rejected.
  • This Committee deals with planning, rights of way, common land and related environmental licensing matters throughout Hampshire, and is currently made up of 15 Hampshire County Council Councillors.

Who are the Regulatory Committee members and what happens before 15 May?

  • Many of the Councillors that sit on the Regulatory Committee come from other parts of Hampshire and may not be familiar with Hamble.  However, a site visit took place on Monday 29 April 2024, where some of the Councillors visited Hamble Airfield and the surrounding areas to get a better understanding of the impact on the village.
  • On 7 May, Hampshire County Council’s planning department issued a report for the Regulatory Committee to consider.  This report recommended that the Regulatory Committee REFUSE the planning application. However, this is only a recommendation, and the Regulatory Committee members are under no obligation to accept the Report’s findings.  We must continue to make as strong a case against the quarry as possible.

What will happen at the Regulatory Committee meeting on 15 May?

  • The Regulatory Committee will start with a presentation from HCC’s planning department.
  • A small number of speakers will then address the Regulatory Committee to object against the application.
  • Cemex (or their agent) will be given the same total length of time to respond to the issues raised by objectors.
  • A number of Hampshire County Councillors may also request time to speak (10 minute each)
  • The Regulatory Committee will then consider the representations from both sides and debate the application. Experts will be on standby to answer questions from the Committee.
  • By the end of the meeting the Councillors will be asked to vote and decide whether to approve or reject the application.

Can I speak at the Regulatory Committee meeting?

  • Please contact us BEFORE applying to Hampshire County Council (HCC) to speak.
  • As a community, we are given the same amount of time as Cemex to make our case or ‘deputation’ to object against this application.
  • We have a strong roster of expert speakers and members of the community lined up to rebuff Cemex’s proposals. The Residents Group have also appointed technical experts and a barrister (King’s Counsel – KC) to help preparations
  • The hour will be orchestrated by professionals to cover everything.  Here are the deputations.
    1. Hamble Peninsular Residents Group
    2. Highways (planning consultant)
    3. Hydrologist and Ecology (specialist consultants)
    4. Health, Air quality, Noise and dust – Blackthorn Surgery and Respiratory Specialist
    5. Schools Case – Head, Governors
    6. Business Case – CooperVision, the Marine businesses, the economic impact on the peninsula
    7. Hamble Parish Council
    8. Paul Holmes MP

    *Please note: The final the list of topics and speakers will depend on the Regulatory Committee’s report

  • As you can see, we will need to co-ordinate ALL speakers carefully to ensure we make the strongest possible argument against the quarry.
  • If you have an issue you want to ensure is covered, please email us at: cemexinfo@hambleparishcouncil.gov.uk or pop in to see one of our Councillors at our Drop-in Clinics at Roy Underdown Pavilion from 7 May (see below).

When and where are the Parish Council Drop-in Clinics being held?

  • Tuesday 7 May: 1200 – 1400
  • Wednesday 8 May:  1200 – 1400
  • Thursday 9 May:  1200 – 1400
  • Friday 10 May:  1600 – 1900
  • Monday 13 May:  1600 – 1800

All Drop-in Clinics will be held at Roy Underdown Pavilion in Hamble.

What is the purpose of the Drop-in Clinics?

  • We are providing the Drop-in Clinics so that any Hamble resident can pop in and discuss any questions or concerns they have regarding the Regulatory Committee, or the quarrying application.
  • You don’t need to make an appointment – feel free to just pop in during the times provided above.
  • If you can’t attend the Drop-in Clinics, please email your concerns or questions to: cemexinfo@hambleparishcouncil.gov.uk.

Can I attend the Regulatory Committee meeting?

  • Yes, however we know that space in Ashburton Hall will be limited and prioritised for speakers.
  • It is essential that as a community we show support in Winchester on the day, so if you are able to attend, please arrive outside HCC’s offices at Elizabeth II Court, The Castle, Winchester, SO23 8UJ at 8.30am on 15 May, so we can peacefully demonstrate to the Regulatory Committee councillors and show the strength of opposition from the community in Hamble and the whole peninsula.

Is transport being provided to Winchester?

  • Yes – the Hamble Peninsular Residents Group has arranged for a coach to take residents to Winchester for the Regulatory Committee meeting.  This will be leaving Hamble Square at 7am, and returning from Winchester at 12noon.  The cost is £11.50 per seat, and spaces are limited – so if you’d like to attend, please register ASAP.
  • To sign up for the coach, please visit Hamble Point Yacht Charters (Hamble Point Marina) or The King & Queen Pub (High Street) to register.

I can’t attend Winchester.  Is there another way for me to watch?

  • Yes, HCC will be offering a live stream for the Regulatory Committee meeting – details to follow.
  • Hamble Parish Council will also be showing the live stream at Roy Underdown Pavilion from 9.30am on Wednesday 15 May.  All residents are welcome to attend.

I have questions about the Regulatory Committee, the planning application, the deputations and speakers, and/or the decision making process.  Who should I ask?

  • Please either:
    • Email us at: cemexinfo@hambleparishcouncil.gov.uk with your questions or concerns, and one of our Councillors will come back to you with a response
    • Visit us at our Drop In Clinics

If the application is approved by the Regulatory Committee, can we appeal?

  • If the Regulatory Committee rejects the application, they will set out the grounds for refusal. If Cemex decides to appeal the decision it will be based on these grounds.
  • If the worst happens, and the application is approved, we have no right to appeal. A third party (which is what the community and the Parish Council are) cannot lodge a planning appeal. Our only right of reply could take the form of a Judicial Review – but Judicial Review can only challenge procedural matters (or the process).
  • We cannot request a  Judicial Review because we disagree with the decision, or because we feel Cemex’s evidence was flawed. We can only request a review if we believe that HCC has not followed due process.

If the application is approved, can we ask for measures which will reduce the impact on the village?

  • If approved, the Planning Authority would look to work with Cemex (the applicant) to create a number of detailed documents such as a Management Plan. This would set out the hours of operation, how they would be expected to operate the site on a daily basis, and any conditions that have to be met, such as dust suppression and a range of other technical points.
  • Both Hamble Parish Council and Hamble Peninsular Residents Group have submitted high-level conditions which we want the Regulatory Committee to consider in the event that the application is approved.

What is your Parish Council doing to help the community fight this application?

  • Councillors are attending Roy Underdown Pavilion daily from 7 – 13 May to prepare deputations.
  • We are working with a team of experts and consultants to ensure we cover off all the main points raised in the Report prepared by HCC’s Planning Officer.
  • We are working closely with the Hamble Peninsular Residents Group to ensure that we coordinate deputations effectively to make the strongest case and make the best use of the time available to speak at the Regulatory Committee meeting.
  • We are liaising with other Parish Councils to ensure that all local parishes are represented at the Regulatory Committee meeting.
  • We are holding Drop In Clinics at Roy Underdown Pavilion where any Hamble resident can pop in and speak to a Councillor about our deputation strategy, the quarrying application, or raise questions/concerns.
  • We are live streaming the Regulatory Committee meeting at Roy Underdown Pavilion on 15 May – any Hamble resident can attend.
  • We are helping the Residents Group to promote the coach to Winchester, and will be providing guidance next week on how to protest effectively.